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China buying new diplomatic influence and covert spying techniques

Chinese investments in US technology

Looking for China's spies - Chinese government spying on the entire world...

Chinese government spying on the entire world…

China has been on the offence in recent years buying new diplomatic influence and covert spying techniques aimed at gathering information on you and you aren’t even one of their citizens. We know the Chinese government are the worst sort of people, when two billion people to spy on aren’t enough. They are spying on the entire world.

Only now President Biden has announced he is planning on signing an executive order designed to sharpen the federal government’s power to block Chinese investments in US technology here in the states. But critics are studying if this executive order will go far enough.

I hope the readers remember what Christopher Wray, FBI director, has said about China in the past.

The biggest threat we face as a country from a counter-intelligence perspective is from the People’s Republic of China and especially the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). No country presents a broader more severe threat to our ideas, our innovation, our economic security than China. They are targeting our innovation, our trade secrets, our intellectual property, on a scale that’s unprecedented in history.

Director Wray is completely correct; China is the biggest single threat to the United States, to our sustainability as a world power.

You have to remember the Chinese play by a separate set of rules. They’re not a democracy; they’re not really a communist totalitarian state. China is an information state and its goal is to keep the Communist Party in power and to know every single thing that it can about every person in the world. You aren’t even a citizen of China.

That sounds like an extreme statement but it’s exactly what is going on there. Artificial intelligence capabilities in China and quantum computing capabilities are all intended to maximize the information that the CCP have about every person in the world.

President Biden is attempting too put a tiny crimp in that and it’s admirable, but it’s just not sufficient.

Technology experts talk about the massive risk that we face through the Chinese attempt to basically create a dossier on every single person.

 Chinese government spying on the entire world...

How a suspected Chinese spy targeted California politicians…

Eric Swalwell who sits on the Intelligence Committee has been dating a woman named Christina Fang, a suspected Chinese spy that seemingly targeted California politicians.

Director Wray was very clear about the threat that we face. People get this because we’re more dependent on them than we ever have been. We buy more of our PPE from China. We have every teenager hooked on Tick-Tock. You’ve got Dianne Feinstein and her staff basically forming a clique with a bunch of Chinese nationals.

Hunter Biden was off doing business in China and our political leaders just don’t seem to be doing enough about anything Chinese. Our national security people are yelling fire and the White House is playing with matches.

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The Philippines and Taiwan are working so well together…

I love America. I love being an American but we are a naive country right now. We don’t understand the threats that are directed at us because we don’t understand some of the technology that’s being used against us.

You know people talk about quantum computing and people go, “oh, what’s that?” Well it’s a very sophisticated method of gathering information at an incredibly high speed. In China they’re using it every second of every day to gather information about you me about anybody whether they like them or not and then they keep it in a treasure trove and to be used when they need it.

We have a terrible way of approaching information sharing. And we share our information with people and sites that share the information with China and what information we don’t share they steal.

It’s a two-sided baseball game; they have their rules we have our rules and we’re gonna lose this game if we don’t pay more attention.

We need to button up and stop sharing everything, invest in better computer security and if we have to pay fifty cents more for something that’s not made in China we should pay it.

Most important, please understand that China is not our friend.

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Author: Morino Shou