Has the Left killed the planet? – Opinion

Have socialists destroyed the earth?

UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez begs for fuel to avert starvation, but then reverts back to vilifying petroleum and nitrogen fertilizers…

Has the Left killed the planet?

UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez - Has the Left killed the planet?

UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez

Every September the UN General Assembly takes over NYC as some of the world’s most powerful and oftentimes least intelligent people gather to discuss ways to dig the world out of its various problems which ironically are mostly created by nonsensical bureaucracies like the UN. In prepared speeches liberal leaders try to “virtue signal” each other to death, offering pie-in-the-sky fantasies of a world that these people could never create. Ironically in practice, the world would be better off if this crowd of so-called “excellencies” would simply meet less.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez is a socialist from the sleeping socialist nation of Portugal; who better to lead the United Nations than him?

Gutierrez spoke before the UN, but didn’t lead with climate change and his big speech as you might have expected; that actually came second. Gutierrez actually lead with the threat of a famine that could kill millions of people all around the world. Another major concern is the impact of high fuel prices on the production of nitrogen fertilizers and these must also be addressed seriously without action now the global fertilizer shortage will quickly morph into a global food shortage.

Nitrogen fertilizers might ring a bell if you’ve been paying attention to global news this year in Sri Lanka. The UN’s agenda has been on full display as the nation’s environmentally conscious president announced, almost overnight, everyone must switch to 100% organic farming, ending chemical fertilizers like nitrogen fertilizer. It was a disaster; farming was crippled in this small island country near India. Rice and tea production eviscerated and here is how it ended. It was a good old-fashioned revolution; you don’t see those too often these days. Run your country like a fool and you get run out of town and the Sri Lankan president wisely quit his job.

Same in the Netherlands, a similar plan not as dramatically implemented, led to mass protests of farmers through the spring and summer as well. Where did these stupid ideas like these come from? They’ve been pushed for years by the United Nations and other moronic groups that are obsessed with climate change.

The UN sells itself as a force for good; it has effectively become though a force for destabilization of the world and now the same globalist leaders who’ve spent years attacking farmers and energy producers in the name of climate change are begging for fertilizer and fuel to avoid a famine.

This is what happens when you let incompetent people run the world. As Antonio Gutierrez listed off every storm and the summer heat wave and with no scientific evidence to blame global warming, his speech was full of contradictions a fifth grade could point out.

We see it everywhere; the planet Earth is a victim of scorched earth policies. The past year has brought us Europe’s worst heat wave since the Middle Ages.

Has the Left killed the planet?

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So it was actually hotter 1000 years ago than it is right?

It’s the worst heat wave since the Middle Ages but the world socialist leaders say the situation is so dire they’re imposing climate agendas.

I’m not a climate change denier; I’m well aware there is long-term fluctuation in the climate. When I was in school the geology professor taught there are two climate cycles… once every 400,000 years there is a major shift in climate and there is a second minor shift every 14,000 years. It seems to be a pattern in his opinion. Man has nothing to do with it.

We all love the Earth, but anybody who can’t see that this agenda has been radically amplified because there is loads of money behind it. For the helpless and clueless, for years the UN has been fear-mongering on climate change and for years there’s been little movement. They are putting the same message out that they did in the 1980s. Of course, not much has changed over the last 30-40 years, but the narrative has escalated because the Left wants to cash in on this, both money and power.

So the climate narrative coupled with the war in Ukraine has created a pending food disaster. So the lack of fuel and fuel prices are going to cause a food crisis; at the same time, the leaders of the socialist bureaucrats was standing on stage at the world’s premiere hyper-woke forum begging for more of the things that he swears are destroying the planet, nitrogen fertilizer and fossil fuels.

I watched many world leaders bury their faces in their hands. Other leftwing ideologues’ eyes glossed over with the confusing speech. They knew it was confusing and an oxy-moronic.

It’s everything you’ve come to expect of the United Nations; they seem to do this time and time again and then they act like they should be taken seriously.

After he finished begging for fossil fuel and dirty fertilizer, the secretary general then preceded to condemn both the fossil fuel industry is…

Has the Left killed the planet?

Has the Left killed the planet?

feasting on profits” hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies and windfall profits while households’ budgets shrink and our planet burns our world is addicted to fossil fuels and it’s time for an intervention. We need to hold fossil fuel companies and their enablers to account.

He said basically that we need more fossil fuel so we don’t have a famine. Then two minutes later he said that we need to end fossil fuels immediately.

I can’t imagine why these oil and gas companies aren’t capitulating more to people like Gutierrez and Joe Biden and the rest of the grifters that are making all this noise. This socialist has the ear of nearly every world leader; he is the secretary general of the UN and he is verifiably incompetent at running an institution that operates based solely on virtue with no grip on reality whatsoever.

The world is threatened by an intentionally caused food and energy crisis. By not pumping oil, the Left intentionally sabotage the quality of life the ability to eat, the ability to heat your home.

Famine and freezing will come to the planet and the socialists just hope you don’t notice China and India with record carbon emissions as the woke environmentalists cripple the West and freeze in order to save the planet, that really doesn’t need to be saved.

But it’s not just the secretary general; it’s the American secretary of state. It’s the Biden administration. Do you know why we’re having a problem with potential starvation? Do you know why we’re having an energy crisis? It’s because they did it with their war on fossil fuels the war on American fossil fuels.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if America doesn’t produce energy, oil and natural gas, what’s gonna happen? There’s less of it in the world and the price is gonna go up. Guess who gets rich? Russia gets really rich because Russia is the main exporter of oil and natural gas, particularly to Europe.

So let’s take it another step. So Russia, now rich, they can do what they wanted to do for years; they can invade Ukraine. They can have a war in Ukraine because the West has stopped producing oil.

Then what happens? The Ukrainian wheat doesn’t get to market. Most of the wheat went to the Middle East, particularly Egypt. So when they’re hungry then we’ll have political unrest and a humanitarian crisis. Because after a year or two of starvation the left will relax and allow a shift back to fertilizers, guess who will take advantage of that? Russia makes not only most of the fertilizer but most of the ingredients in fertilizers so we’re going to have instability in Europe.

But where did all this dislocation and economic trouble start? It started with the war on fossil fuels.

The only hope we have, as a planet, is for the United States in 2024 to elect a president that will turn on the oil again.

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Author: Lincoln Steffens