Italy takes its country back… – Opinion

Italy reclaims its country… and the media screams “fascism” again.

God, Country and Family makes her a fascist in the eys of the socialists…

Italy takes its country back...

Italy takes its country back and the media screams “fascism” again.

Giorgia Meloni shocked the world and put globalist liberals in the fetal position after Italy elected its first conservative leader since World War Two. Mussolini was a socialist but naturally, the media comparisons have been everywhere; you should have expected that. When you read beyond the headline and you read these articles you realize the same desperate socialists are up to the same old tricks.

A populists wins and they are immediately called a fascist. Its just the socialist playbook. It’s what they do.Emil Ficker

From USA TODAY buried in the article, a clear explainer of why she’s a fascist, “she still uses a slogan that was favoured by fascists God, fatherland and family.” That’s all USA TODAY could come up with in their quest to label a populist Italian mother as the next Mussolini. Anything that distracts from the real story.

The real story is why this woman won power. The short answer is that one of the most beautiful countries and cultures in the world is being destroyed by globalism. It’s something that’s been happening in many different ways but none is more obvious than the North African migrant crisis.

With refugee camps all over Italy for years, it’s propelled Giorgia Meloni to power. She had a very clear message that made sense to Italian voters and plenty of passion.

Those in Brussels gave given us the migration crisis. They used illegal immigrants in recent decades to complete the grand plan of financial speculation and to deprive nations and people of their identity. Without your roots you are a slave and when you’re a slave you serve the interests of those who want you to be a consumer slave.

Italy’s economy has been in the toilet for 20 years now. There are very few good jobs for young people in Italy. The country is shockingly old because the youth all leave to find careers in other nations; the birth rate of this country has been a decline for 13 straight years. It’s so bad that beautiful Italian towns are offering thousands of dollars to anybody who will just move there, just live there and pay taxes.

Italy is an economic disaster and the media still is simply aghast that Italians didn’t simply vote for more of what the European Union is offering, bankruptcy.

They call her “a hard right” and lie about her neo-fascism roots, untrue. They remind everyone that Mussolini was a fascist militant; they call Giorgia Meloni a neo-fascist but offer no evidence at all.

The same clowns are just reading from the same script; we know how that goes. We’ve seen it before in France and in the United States, anywhere were a conservative offers a challenge.

In their sick minds, what exactly makes the populist Gieorge Maloney a fascist?  She has almost nothing in common with Mussolini who by the way was a socialist; the media loves to leave that part out when talking about Mussolini. Fascism actually is an authoritarian state where a dictator has full power over the military and most of the economy’s forcible suppression of their political opponents.

There isn’t anything like fascism in this middle-aged mom. There isn’t anything near fascism in her political party. You begin to realize the fascist comparison is simply made based on one policy and that is immigration. It’s the same thing they did to Donald Trump, fascists now means anybody who opposes open borders; that’s it. It also means that most people in the world are now “fascists” by this new definition. You don’t think your country should endure an endless flow of impoverished migrants in the despair and the crime that comes with it, you’re now a “fascist.”

Maloney like most Italians wants to protect one of the most beautiful cultures the world has ever known. Italy’s culture has been eviscerated by liberal ideologues in Brussels who control their country. In the first six months of this year Italy took in 34,000 African migrants and it’s not a very big country; this is what being a part of the EU means. This is Angela Merkel’s bleeding heart.

The EU could have done what was right and prevented these African flows. Merkel said about the elections that she “regretted” what she had done to support the “multiculturalism” that failed Italians who simply want their country back.

We saw an incredible moment at the EU headquarters in Rome. Everyone saw the EU flag being lowered at the headquarters and be replaced by Italy’s flag. I remember similar scenes from the UK when they wisely left the EU.

Socialists in Washington DC watched that in horror; they probably would call that an “insurrection.”

The truth is the EU could have avoided this. They’ve had such tremendous control over Europe for such a long time. They could have been reasonable on migration, reasonable enough to allow great countries to keep their culture. Each member of the EU needed to control who enters their nation, but the EU was blind to that.

They hate her so much; Giorgia Maloney would have never been able to pull this off if the EU weren’t out of control. The EU was designed to be a confederation, which would have worked well, but they’ve morphed into a federal system with most of the power concentrated as the top. I thought it would be the Dutch second to leave, but the next stop for Italy could be following in the UK’s footsteps.

European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen has warned Italy of consequences should it continue to gravitate toward populist principles.

Italy which is forming a bold new government in defiance; we’ll see if things go in a difficult direction. I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland we have tools. – European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen

We have tools? If things don’t go our way we will punish you?

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a benevolent European Union?

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Author: Lincoln Steffens