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There is a huge amount of opposition to Biden’s attack in Title IX…

Women’s sports would be destroyed by Biden’s Title IX

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Lincoln Steffens

The Biden administration Title IX regulation changes includes preventing schools from “restricting a student participation in school programs or activities on the basis of their gender identity even if that identity conflicts with their biological sex.”

Biden seems to love the biological advantages men have over women.

There is a huge amount of opposition and the opponents will not be cowered by name calling. It’s not “bigotry” to want your daughters protected.

The Biden administrations proposals are a massive government overreach that is being done against the will of the American people. If Joe Biden wants these kinds of sweeping changes governing sport and gender identity he should have Congress vote on it. In a democracy, this kind of thing that can’t be done, as the Obama administration, by using a pen and a phone call.

Biden’s Title IX would wreck women’s sports

Title IX

The new Title IX vs Women’s Lacrosse

This is a huge sweeping change. It absolutely fundamentally changes the meaning of the law; this isn’t an autocracy. The announcement of these proposed changes by the Biden administration on the occasion of the law’s 50th anniversary was a slap in the face to all the female athletes and all the other women who have worked so hard to shatter barriers for the past 50 years and are now being grouped with a lot of biological men.

Title IX originally encouraging equality in women’s sports. How does Joe Biden’s warped ideas this play into the whole idea of the existing law. Why change who’s able to participate in biologically female sports?

If we allow people to play sports with the gender which they personally identify raises a lot of concerns with parents. These girls, the women, who have spent thousands of hours of their lives of their lives trying to earn a place in the podium, trying to earn scholarships, will now be compeled to compete against biological males.

Safety concerns and Title IX

It safety concerns; its not only in in locker rooms, but also actually in competing in on the field or court.

For example, let’s think about lacrosse. A male lacrosse player throws the ball on average of 85 to 95 miles an hour and they wear chest protectors and helmets. Female lacrosse players throw balls an average of 45 to 65 miles an hour and they wear neither. If a biological males were to compete against a female, she could die. This is a very real safety concern and for the transgender movement to call these parents “bigoted” and trying to reak shame on the parents is NOT going to intimidate them because they are are only looking to protect their children.

The biological advantages men would have over women especially when you’re growing and developing at different rates in high school and through middle school.

Does Biden even care to read the Title IX comments?

The two-month window for the public to submit feedback on the U.S. Department of Education’s Title IX regulatory proposal just wrapped up — and higher education organizations, civil liberties supporters and more have had a lot to say. A staggering 230,000 people submitted comments through the Federal Register which is astonishing number. These are higher numbers than when Secretary DeVos sought changes in 2018 and they received about 124,000 comments and so this blew that out of the water showing how deeply unpopular it is.

People across the political spectrum are very concerned about the fairness, the privacy, the safety element and the impact on parental rights.

Would canceling Title IX destroy the Constitution?

The Biden changes intend to sacrifice the First Amendment on the altar of transgender rights; the new rules would make it illegal to speak out at schoolboard meetings and at other public meetings. Also, it ends remove due process protections for students and so there are so many problems with this rule.

There are 700 pages; It believe it’s that long to deter people from reading. Regardless how convoluted and confusing the wording is, tt’s impossible to throw a dart and not hit a problem.

The Title IX solution: non-binary leagues…

I’m guessing that the most helpful comments have to do with the idea that if transgender athletes who wanted to compete, there should be their own league; let’s establish a third category of sports for transgender and non binary individuals who want to compete on a level playing field against their own.

Let’s have non-binary leagues so there will not be biological males competing against female biological females.

There are concerns about locker rooms, single sex spaces, and life during overnight field trips. It’s something that has come up a lot as parents are deeply worried about that part.

The bottom line is the preservation of female sports.

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Author: Lincoln Steffens