John John Florence Is Back on the North Shore and His Surfing Is Better Than Ever

The Inertia

John John Florence has been off the radar for a while now. On his sailboat, floating the ocean blue, doing the world’s longest water bottle fill up, and giving his knee a a break from the rigors of his surfing. But he’s home now, and he’s doing what he does best.

John John Florence has something a little different going on with the waves of the North Shore where he grew up. That particular coast is chock full of world-class surfers, but John is arguably one of the best. Amid a sea of “the best surfers on the planet,” do you know how good at surfing you’d have to be to stand out? You’d have to be John John Florence-level good.

The edit you see above was shot over a day — Sunday, November 27, to be exact — and it was during a solid little north pulse. “We love a good north swell!” he wrote. “These have become my favorite days to surf at home.”


Joining him on tape are his brother Ivan, Koa Rothman, and a handful of others. From the looks of it, it was a good day to be at home.

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