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Selfish Letitia James jumps the shark tank and does even more damage to her party’s credibility

Letitia James also wants to ban the Trump organization from even doing business in New York

The Political Backdrop of Letitia James's Lawsuit Against Trump - Selfish Letitia James jumps the shark tank

Selfish Letitia James jumps the shark tank

Letitia James is one of the most unimpressive states attorneys in this country. James had almost no viable platform to run on in 2018 other than her gender and race. There was nothing remarkable about her to the average Democratic voter which is surprising because in the affirmative action obsessed culture that is present day New York James could have catapulted past much of her competition if she had been generally competent. She was in deep political water, overwhelmed and less than average.

Letitia James handlers quickly found a remedy for her unimpressive “Stacy Abrams” (larger than life) image and that would be Donald Trump. James’s friends convinced her to say nothing but “I hate Trump” during her campaign. In a way, that was so clearly immoral and corrupt and despicable that it was astonishing to hear James, vote for me and I’ll be singularly focus on destroying the president that neurotic liberal New Yorkers hate.

She had no campaign strategy for the problems of her state and it’s visibly clear New York is a dump under Letitia James as the AG. Rather than address the boom in crime she’s spent the last three years doing nothing but obsessing over destroying the “orange boogeyman.” The state is near collapse under an epidemic of crime.

If you want to know who takes James really is we’ve compiled a montage that sums up her entire existence take

LETITIA JAMES: I say one name; it should motivate you. I will you sue him for us. I’m gonna be a real pain; he’s gonna know my name personally.

LETITIA JAMES: I’m running for attorney general because I will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president when our fundamental rights are at stake we need to focus on Donald Trump and his abuses.

LETITIA JAMES: We need to follow his money we need to find out where he’s laundered money; all of those transactions have happened here in New York City.

Trump Tower - Selfish Letitia James jumps the shark tank

Selfish Letitia James jumps the shark tank

Letitia James is basically just a pathetic soul. Letitia James campaigned against President Trump and thanks to the wacked-out left, the vilification of the populist president was successful. And what did Mr Trump do? He threatened the real power that controls Washington. New York liberals were brainwashed enough to actually fall for that; they voted for that.

But before that while in business what did trump allegedly do? He was developing a Manhattan skyline. He was playing the exact same numbers game that every developer on the planet does maximizing his asset valuations when trying to secure loans minimizing his asset valuations when the taxman comes around. Unless Letisha James is a broken corrupt pitiful excuse for a prosecutor, you should expect to see every single major developer in New York hit with a similar lawsuit in the morning. But I will guarantee not a single other developer will be hit.

If it were anyone else many wouldn’t even glance at the newspaper story, but given Mr Trump will be the Republican presidential candidate,

LETITIA JAMES: This conduct cannot be brushed aside and dismissed as some sort of good faith mistake. The statements of financial condition were greatly exaggerated, grossly inflated, objectively false and therefore fraudulent and illegal and as a result of that we are seeking relief. In the end Mr Trump, the Trump organization, his family, they should all be held accountable and that is the purpose of this litigation that we are filing today. In addition, we are referring the criminal conduct to the Southern District of New York as well as the IRS. No one my friend is above the law.

I’d like to thank the Academy. You know somebody once said, “politics is Hollywood for ugly people” sounds true today.

Leticia James simply does not act well. Can you imagine if that woman had been elected governor of New York? She tried, but failed horribly because even the most liberal residents of the state could see how boring and one-dimensional she is. But imagine her with real power imagine what she would do with it. She obviously has no conscious; it’s horrifying even to imagine.

James has gone after the Trump organization in a malicious way; she has no evidence or facts to back it up. She just simply wants to grandstand in front of the mic, do her press conferences. There’s no substance whatsoever. It’s unbelievable. – Kimberly Guilfoyle

Leticia James also wants to ban the Trump organization from even doing business in New York, a state that has Trump’s name all over it,  buildings everywhere. Manhattan’s star is already dying with huge empty midtown skyrises now unoccupied as companies flee to places like Florida or Texas. True many work from home as criminals have taken over the streets. Employees complain about the danger and expense of commuting into this crime ridden rats nest.

Selfish Letitia James jumps the shark tank

Selfish Letitia James jumps the shark tank

Why pay the out of control commercial rent and risk your employees who are being beaten in the subway with lead pipes. It makes better sense for most business owners just to accept 20% less productivity and keep your staff on the couch in their underwear. But couldn’t Leticia James have done something to fix New York’s problems?

Leticia James is working to ban one of the men who actually made this city incredible.

They just never learn. Time and time over, the Dems throw out these allegations and time and time again Trump wins. There is nothing there and the might have gone to the will once too many times.

I’ve seen a poll that asked New York voters who they would choose if the New York attorney general race was held today and in that polling yes your eyes don’t deceive you. The republican is up by a point that is astounding in New York State. It’s a blue state and there are 50 days before the election.

you start to see why this is at pretty amazing this three-year investigation came to fruition just in time for Letisha James to benefit. But probably not; the move has destroyed her credibility and she reeks of political corrupt.

My calculations have this bullshit by James as a liability for the Democrats; it looks purely like a selfish stunt because she needed it. She needed it because she was going to lose an election. But it’s not just her that has credibility problems. Potentially it’s going to cost her entire party loads of credibility.

Everybody right now is piling on at the same time: January 6th, Mar-a-Lago, Georgia elections, fake electors. The sociaists  didn’t need anymore; it already looks like we’re a Banana Republic, kind of corrupt country where they just go after their political opponents.

How could this possibly be counter-productive? After viewing today’s clown spectacle, any reasonable American who felt even the slightest bit uneasy about the wholly biased kangaroo court looking at January 6th could now be reconsidering their position.

Anybody who’s ever grievance their property tax appraisal on their home to a number that ended up being lower than what they paid for their house is rolling their eyes at Letisha James.

James’ theatrics was worse than the 1977 episode from Happy Days, in which Fonzie (Henry Winkler) jumps over a shark while on water-skis. I used the pejorative phrase because James pulled the stunt in a exhaustive attempt to generate attention. She did it for the publicity.

The New York attorney general just jumped the shark tank.

Just as Fonzie jumping the shark tank signaled the end of Happy Days, Leticia James jumping this tank signals the end of the “let’s get Trump” persecutions. A majority of the people are now wise to it.

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Author: Dahomey Mbande