Not Just Waves: 10 Most Instagrammable Surfing Spots In The World

Nothing beats the feeling of standing up on your board and catching a big wave. Surfing is a sport that is not only fun to watch but fun to photograph. Glistening waves and clear waters make for some pretty stunning photographs. When picking the perfect location to surf, chances are you are not only looking for good waves but a good backdrop for a social media post as well. Luckily, a study conducted by ParkSleepFly reveals the most Instagrammable surf spots in the world. ParkSleepFly analyzed Instagram location tags and compiled data to determine the best locations for snapping that Instagram surf pic. Curious about what else this study revealed? The best surfing location in the US is Cocoa Beach, Florida, with a score of 8.32/10. The best surfing spot in the world is Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico, scoring a 7.5. Lastly, the most searched surf location on Instagram is Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia, with over 10,000 monthly searches within the last 12 months! Keep reading to learn which ten surf locations will produce the most Instagrammable photographs.

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10/10 Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

The 3 best USA towns for surfing
Via: ParkSleepFly
List sharing the top three surf spots in America: Cocoa Beach, Waikiki, and Huntington Beach, California

Coming in at #10 with 3,046 tags on Instagram is Cocoa Beach, Florida. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, this Florida city offers excellent waves and good surf breaks. If you are looking for a beach with beginner-friendly waves, Cocoa Beach is a great option. Surfers of all skill levels come here to enjoy the 78 surf breaks. The clear, shimmering water also makes for a great Instagram photo op. Surfers also appreciate the warm 27℃ water temperature.

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9/10 San Clemente, California, USA

With 3,108 tags, San Clemente, California, is another very Instagrammable surfing spot. This lovely town features 6.4 km of surf coastline and 51 surf breaks. San Clemente is broken up into numerous surf areas, including Uppers, Middles, Lowers, Cotton’s Point, and T Street. Really looking for an amazing background for Instagram? Catch a wave at The San Clemente Pier. A shortboard is recommended for this area, and your photos will include clear waves and a view of the wooden pier.

8/10 Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Puerto Escondido, Mexico- surf spot with the highest sea temperatures
Via: ParkSleepFly
An image of Puerto Escondido beach, Oaxaca, Mexico, accompanied by text reading “The surf spot with the highest sea temperatures”

Exiting the United States, the 8th most Instagrammable surf spot is Puerto Escondido in Mexico. This surfing spot was tagged on Instagram 3,449 times and searched on Google an average of 6,120 times monthly. Puerto Escondido is known not only for its lively nightlife but also for its 110 km of beach and intense waves. Puerto Escondido is the perfect place for expert surfers to show off their skills and capture some amazing photos. ParkSleepFly’s study also reveals Puerto Escondido scored the title of “surf spot with the highest sea temperatures,” measuring an average temperature of 30.67℃.

7/10 Croyde, North Devon, UK

Do not discount the UK when it comes to Instagrammable surfing spots. Croyde in North Devon was tagged on Instagram a total of 4,247 times. This seaside town boasts excellent surf, with the beaches of Saunton Sands and Woolacombe Sands being popular among surfers and swimmers alike. Croyde Bay is a popular choice among shortboard surfers, with the rocks and clean waves making for a great photo. In classic UK fashion, this surf spot also features nearby tea rooms.

6/10 Thurso, Scotland, UK

Another Instagrammable surf location in the UK is Thurso, Scotland. Thurso garnered 4,265 tags on Instagram, placing the town as the 6th most Instagrammable spot. If you visit this location, be sure to bring a wetsuit, as the average water temperature is a chilling 13℃. This northern town, while only offering 1 km of coastline, boasts 31 surf breaks. The moody skies and gloomy film that seems to fall over the town makes for some spectacular surfing photographs.

5/10 Huntington Beach, California, USA

The top 10 best surfing spots in America
Via: ParkSleepFly
List of the top ten best surfing spots in America, including Cocoa Beach, Waikiki, and Huntington Beach. List also includes number of surf breaks, average monthly Google searches, length of coastline, average sea temperature, and number of Instagram tags. 

Another California gem worthy of an Instagram surfing picture is Huntington Beach. ParkSleepFly’s study reveals this beach to be the third overall best surfing spot in the United States, and it is clear why. Huntington Beach boasts 13.6 km of coastline and 51 surf breaks, with an average water temperature of 21℃. This beautiful, sunny SoCal beach is a popular destination for surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, locals, and tourists alike. While Thurso, Scotland, offers moody surf shots, Huntington Beach offers sunny, bright photo ops.

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4/10 Waikiki, Oahu, USA

Waikiki is the surf spot with the most breaks (122 surf breaks)
Via: ParkSleepFly
Image of the beach in Waikiki, along with text stating “The surf spot with the most breaks” and “122 total breaks”

A great spot for new surfers is Waikiki, Oahu. This location can make first-time surfers look Instagrammable on their boards, with its gentle waves and warm waters (27℃). Waikiki is also the perfect spot for professional surfers to score an amazing Instagram picture, thanks to the Banzai Pipeline. Deemed the most dangerous wave in the world, the Banzai Pipeline can reach over 6 meters tall! Snapping a picture riding a wave that large is most definitely Instagram-worthy. Waikiki also boasts the most surf breaks, counting 122 in total.

3/10 Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

The world's 3 top surfing spots- Mexico, Australia, Canada
Via: ParkSleepFly
Header that reads “The world’s top surfing spots” and image of Puerto Escondido beach in Oaxaca; image of Noosa beach in Queensland; image of Tofino beach in Vancouver Island. Also displays each town’s surfing spot score. 

The United States and Mexico aren’t the only North American countries that offer Instagrammable surf spots. Tofino in Vancouver Island, Canada, is ranked third when it comes to Instagrammable surf locations. With 8,220 Instagram tags, Tofino is a popular surf spot to share on social media. This beach offers 32 km of coastline and 15 surf breaks. Similar to Thurso, Scotland, this Canadian beach averages a low temperature of 14℃. Suit up in a wetsuit before venturing into the chilly waters. Tofino is also one of the most-searched surf spots, appearing in an average of 8,820 monthly Google searches.

2/10 Hossegor, Landes, France

Hossegor, located in Southwest France, is a seaside town known for its surfing. With 9,474 Instagram tags, Hossegor earns its spot as the second most Instagrammable surf spot in the world. Hossegor offers 32 surf breaks and 2.8 km of coastline. The sandy white beaches and emerald water make for a stunning (and Instagrammable) backdrop. There are six different surfing locations in the town, welcoming all skill levels. La Nord is the town’s most popular break, only recommended for experienced surfers.

1/10 Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Noosa, Australia, is the most popular surf spot, according to Instagram
Via: ParkSleepFly
Image of Noosa beach in Queensland, Australia, with text reading “The most popular surf spot according to Instagram” and includes the total number of Instagram tags (16,036 tags). 

When it comes to the most Instagrammable surf spot, Australia takes the cake. With 16,036 tags, Noosa, Queensland, is the spot for securing good surf pictures. This area was also ranked as the second best surfing spot overall, according to ParkSleepFly’s study. Noosa contains numerous surf breaks- 69 to be exact. The area also includes 2.4 km of coastline and averages water temperatures of 21℃. The country of Australia as a whole is known for its many surfing spots, with Noosa offering the best Instagram photo ops.

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