The Penn-Bidden Center Sesspool – Opinion

The Penn-Bidden Center Sesspool

Listen to Rachel Maddow now a colleague with Jen Psaki over at MSNBC she was already spinning for Joe Biden last night…

There was a brief flurry of excitement on the right this afternoon when CBS News was first to report that the US Justice Department has started investigating the discovery of classified documents found at a think tank called the Penn-Biden Center. The reason this created a lot of excitement on the right briefly tonight is that it immediately created a perceived whataboutism defense for President Trump. – Rachel Maddow

Is that what is coming? A “brief flurry” of excitement?

When this news broke about the Penn-Bidden Center, the reason it was only a brief flurry of excitement is because in President Biden’s case he and his lawyers appear to have actually done the right thing. – Rachel Maddow

Define the right thing. No this is no whataboutism, this is far worse and simply because a lawyer who found this turned it in isn’t doing the right thing, that’s doing the thing to cover their behind.

Presidential Records Act and the Penn Biden Center

Presidential Records Act and the Penn Biden Center

First off Joe Biden, at minimum, violated the Presidential Records Act requirement to turn over all classified documents and official documents when you leave office. Joe Biden was a private citizen during the time he was running his tank tank, so there was no excuse.

Secondly, and most importantly the very class of information they’re talking about, top secret compartment information are highly detailed reports and sources that go to the very top to basically convince the leaders of the veracity of the information. If it’s as bad as many think it is, and we’ll find out probably the next few days how bad it is, he potentially has compromised some of the premier human intelligence operations ongoing against those nations which were listed (Ukraine, Iran and China and North Korea).

The Penn-Bidden Center Sesspool

Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.

There’s no water baptism; that’s illegal and I’m sorry President Trump had complete authority and was supervised by the Secret Service. I might add to retain the documents he took away with them to Mar-a-Lago, they were properly vetted; they were properly the cataloged and they were offered to the FBI to look at.

This is completely opposite of what Biden did. There’s no cooperation. What Rachel Maddow said is completely without merit or factual basis.

Despite the DOJ’s appointing a Trump appointed US attorney to review the documents, I’m not sure everything will be above board. The idea is to pick a person who is neutral. I think it will be whitewashed because Joe Biden, on the face of the facts, clearly committed a crime, a huge crime, against the United States.

So I think whoever investigates needs to be honest, sincere and technically competent to understand the context of these documents. A closet in an office in Washington is not a secure facility but we don’t know who else had access.

Also, there’s an implication that Tony Blinken worked with Pennsylvania University to take several multimillion-dollar donations from an anonymous Chinese source.

Donations from an anonymous Chinese source, so there’s no clear link yet, but China doesn’t pay universities money without thinking they’re going to gain influence and it’s clear that Blinken, who’s now the Secretary of State, did have influence over Joe Biden.

The China money flowing into the University of Pennsylvania Penn Biden Center

The China money flowing into the University of Pennsylvania home of the Penn Biden Center.

I’m simply saying all these things are inconvenient money transfers, and have to be examined and see if there’s an overlap or link. We have to put together the context and build the entire picture.

The China money flowing into the University of Pennsylvania is the thread that once we start pulling will show us some shocking revelations. Chinese influence on these campuses, specifically some of these Ivy League schools, who knows what you’re actually going to uncover.

The Penn-Bidden Center Sesspool

The Penn-Bidden Center

Let’s also examine the national security threat here and what China connection does. It seems to be some blind spots when it comes to the administration on China. Was Anthony Blinken duped or that he do this knowingly?  New York Post and both Newsweek and Yahoo news have reported that the Chinese made huge contributions, $57 million between 2014 and 2017. What will 24 billion buy? Does anyone  really believe that the Chinese gave that money out of the goodness of their heart?

It’s like the belt and road initiative, all the third world bridges the Chinese built. The Chinese hav been so kind to these third-world countries, “we’ll buy you, we’ll make you a bridge or a dam, no strings attached.” But observers and skeptics point out its just China’s plan for a sinocentric international trade network.

China’s investment in the University of Pennsylvania and these top-secret documents are going to be part of the House investigations. We’ll all see where it leads, just like all the other business deals with the Biden family and China and Ukraine and elsewhere.

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Author: Dahomey Mbande